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Sun, Sep 20, 2015

Living the life of the Double Portion Part 4

Living the life with a double portion part 4 Duluth church 9/20/2915 2 Cor. 2:14 " now thanks be unto God which is always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and markets manifest the Saviour of his knowledge by us in every place." "Hey you've got peanut butter on my chocolate" Intro. I love that commercial on television! The title reflects on a commercial about two people walking, enjoying their specific favorite food, one loves chocolate, the other peanut butter. As the were walking they collide ... And BAM Reese peanut butter cups are created. Unlike the commercial ... To live a life with a double portion spoken of in 2 Kings 2 you won't be walking and trip up into a more spiritual life. To have more of the life of Christ To have more of the power of Christ To be full of the Holy Spirit ... It takes desire, determination, and a defeat of distraction. We looked at the example of Elisah ... Who took a journey to a place of hearing & believing, a place of worship & confidence in God , and possessing the promises of God! 1. We need to ask ourselves a question What was the result of this touch of God upon Elisha's life? How did it play out in his world, in his community, in his heart? I believe everything Elisha did, we can do, as well. The miracles were spectacular ... Therefore people think ... It can never happen again! So we relegate the anointing to history ... And go on our way. Scripture says that Elisha returned in the spirit and power of Elijah. Elijah was a man who had a tremendous passion for Gods honor. His passion was and calling was for Gods people to turn from their backslidden ways and serve The Lord.... Elijah said ... I am jealous for The Lord! I have been jealous for your name. I have been jealous for your people. When Elisha comes back over ... He has this same burden on his heart: The passion for God Theirs passion for the purposes of God A passion for the honor of God The evidence is there ... You can't hold it back... It flows out ! Or it doesn't... 2. What happens when we are flowing and going. We walk in A. The mind of Christ ... 1 Cor. 2:16 / 2 kings 3:11-18 B. looking to the needs of others. James 2:15-17 2 kings 4:1-7 C. Defeating the power of death. 2 kings 4:8-37 D. Healing of death in the pot. 2 kings 4:38-41 E. Feeding the hungry. 2 kings 4:42-44. / john 6:47-51 F. In showing mercy. 2 kings 5: 9-10. / Luke 6: 35,36 G. Greed and partiality in ministry. 5:25-37 H. Time for each individual. 6:1-7. / john 4:3,4 I. Famines are broken. 7:1 J. Direction and protection. 8:1 K. People of compassion. 8:12